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@Petko-You are absolutely right and I am seeing how that move right now. My live EA hasn’t done anything with it yet, but I have a couple of EAs in demo that is taking advantage. I’m eager to see how it plays out.

@Andi-Sorry about that. I wrote it wrong. 0.1 lot size moving 1 pip equals 100USD. I have an oil EA going on right now in demo and is trading 0.01 lot size and the asset has moved 0.7 pips in my favor, so it is giving me a profit of 7USD right now. So, if this was 0.1 lot size the profit would be 70USD or 1 standard lot would be 700USD. 🙂 I believe that this is because the commodities move in points vs pips. So FX Blue live converts the movement of points into pips for us.

I will stress caution only because I can’t get a lot of history to create robust strategies, so these are most likely used for the short-term.

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