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Petko, and others, I just spoke to a colleague of mine who uses the same US broker. He said if you change the lot size per Expert Advisor, then you can place multiple Expert Advisors on the same currency pair in the same account.

If that is the case, how much would you recommend deviating from the 0.1 lots in the Advisors? Would you create a range from 0.05 to 0.15 lots? If so, that would give me a total of 11 Expert Advisors per currency pair, or 33 Expert Advisors per account. Then if I have three practice accounts, or instances of MetaTrader, I will be able to trade the 33 Expert Advisors per currency pair. This actually seems doable.

I have created an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) robot to load the 99 Expert Advisors into one MetaTrader account. Now I’ll have to modify the robot to populate 3 MetaTrader accounts, and the robot can dynamically change the lot sizes also.

Then with a live account, if I want to trade up to the top 15 Expert Advisors, I can use the lot range of .08 to .12 for each currency pair. That would allow me to trade 5 different charts per currency pair and should be doable in one account.

Also, for FX Blue, I discovered you need to create a separate account for each broker account – practice or live. Then you can create a Portfolio in FX Blue where you can combine as many accounts as you want and analyze the entire portfolio at the same time. Sweet!

Does this sound like a good strategy or do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you!

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