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Hello Jacpin,

I am very surprised to see you have so much data with your broker? I have been collecting Historical data from my broker nearly 9 months and on M15 I am just below 100 00 bars…do you collect the data as Petko says by pressing the Home key and after that dropping the script he provides in the courses? Or you download the data from the History center of the Meta Trader?

I am a fan of the major pairs that have lowest spread. Currently I see most profit in one of my portfolios where I have:



This way I have equal exposure to each currency. And foe each one I have 2 EAs on H1 and M15. So totally I have 16 EAs into the account.
I do not know if I succeeded to make like really good EAs, or it is just moment of 2 and half months where they work well..could be as well from the spread.
Also, when I use EA Studio I round the spread to the higher number so after that when they actually trade, it is with lower spread.

I remember Petko said in some of the lectures that the spread could really effect the results, so I aim at those that have small spread.

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