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@Haliffa-You are absolutely right. I actually prefer to trade with a stop loss and take profit. When I generate the strategies, I don’t do this. I only do it when I am about to go live. I use demo to show me that the parameters are working and then when I go live I implement my normal money/risk management for my trades. *The best way I do this is by looking at the average pip movement for the asset in each trade.

The only thing I would advise to look out for on Gas, Oil, etc, is the pip movement and how much it costs. Also, double-check the minimum amount of lots needed to trade. For Gas, I will always keep it at 0.01 lots for account balance less than 10k because the cost per lot is more than Forex. For example, I have a demo trade on Gas right now. It has moved 0.4 pips, and shows a profit of 41.10USD trading a 0.01 lot. Great profit potential with this asset and minimal risk if you manage the lot size and money correctly.

I generate my strategies with the acceptance criteria set at 70% winning and 20% max drawdown. My historical data is about 5 years worth. This makes it a lot easier to have winning strategies when I start to demo.

That is awesome. I figure the more work I put into creating the EAs, the profit from them is my reward. It sounds like your’re doing great as well. Keep up the great work. Happy trading!

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