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User AvatarStephen

WOW! Nice to see this topic, That is a question I am thinking about nearly every day. I have changed my portfolio like 100s times, and still can not get on live.

If some of you can give me an idea how to make it more simple it will be great.

I started with EURUSD…like 10 EAs as Petko shows in the course. But then when I got more of his courses I saw that he uses many other currencies. So than I did the stupid mistake to create 10 different portfolios and all were with the EUR. Simply I Wanted to have 10 different portfolios with 10 different EAs. And I did like EURUSD,EURGBP,EURJPY,EURAUD..etc. Obviously one day the eur felt like a stone, I think it was somewhere on 12th this month. Most of my positions were buys, and I saw a massive loss. I wrote to Petko, and he said that I made the mistake to put a lot of exposure on EUR.

So now I try to restart and make a good diversification, and if you can give me some starting point will be much appreciated!

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