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Hello Hamselv,
Good question over here! Probably something to put in my to do list, and make an update in the course with a video explaining that. I will think about it.

Now, it is not really about the indicators we use, but about the conditions for each indicator. Lets take the MACD indicator as example:

If you see in the generator that there is a strategy with the MACD line, and for buy signal we have MACD line rises, this means that we are following the price up, and that is trend-following indicator. Also, such a rule might be MACD line is higher than the Zero line.

If we have for buy signal the rule MACD changes it’s direction upward, this means that the strategy will buy when the price reverses and it is cheap. And these are the type of conditions we need to look for in the sideways indicators in the strategies.

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