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Guys, want to share my great opinion for Petko Alexandrov. I took three personal lessons it’s him before taking the pack with the ea builder and the courses.
In the first lesson he explained to me all the basics, because I was really a newbie. He was very very patient with my questions and explained all in details. I liked that he was very protective to me, he did not push me to do any real trading but just the opposite, he told me to take my time and to practice more and more time on Demo before starting real.
In the second lesson he explained to me in details what is an ea builder and why it is needed before start trading. He explained to me the basics and some more advanced techniques about creating profitable strategies with ea builder. He told me so many things in this lesson that without a recording it would be impossible to remember it all(they sent me recording from the lesson).
The 3th lesson was after two weeks from the second. He gave me so many videos to watch before the third. I realized that this is because I was having so many questions. For the two weeks I created a list of 124 questions and Petko was patient enough to answer each one of those.
Overall, I had a great time talking with him about the trading, abouteach ea builder and about the life of the trader. He was very responsive and there was no one thing that he did not refuse to explain to me. Great professionalism. Thank you Petko!

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